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Why is a good outfit important by a job interview?

This is why a good outfit is important by a job interview

Believe it or not, dressing well is very important in daily life, especially in a professional environnement, and of course during job interviews. It is all about the first impression, right! To show you how important a good outfit is when you go on a job interview, I have some statistics for you.

Statistics don´t lie: a good job interview outfit is important

You want to make a good first impression by a job interview. An appropriate job interview outfit plays an important role.

These statistics show that in the first place what you say is not important. How you dress is more important when it comes to making a good first impression. Does this mean that your words are not valuable? Of course not! But people form their opinion over you in a few seconds the first time they see you, and then you did not use any words. Afterwards it is very hard to change someone´s opnion.

Is it all about the outfit?

Statistics show that it isn´t all about the outfit.

Your job interview outfit must not be that fashionable or trendy, because 70% of the employers do not want that in an applicant. So on the one hand you must pay a lot attention to your job interview outfit, on the other hand you must keep it simple. But when it matters, to choose someone, they will look back at the clothes of the job applicant.

What can we concluded?

Picking quick an outfit for your job interview is not a good idea. You must pay a lot of attention to it, but keep in mind less is more. Your job interview will be the basis of your first impression and when it really matters, it will decided if you get the job yes or no.

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