The stigma associated with fashion

The stigma associated with fashion

In the first edition of Ambitious Magazine I told you that I always wanted to do something with fashion, but something was holding me back.

My biggest fear? The opinion of others.

Women who like and do something with fashion are seen as flighty, superficial and irresponsable. For some reason, a woman who cares about her appearance comes with the stigma that she isn´t smart.

That´s why I didn´t dare to say it out loud that I wanted to do something in fashion. Even telling I have a fashion blog is sometimes embarrassing.

The fact your are into fashion as a woman does not undermine your intelligence or makes you superficial.

Thinking about what you wear and being busy with your appearance means you are confident with who you are and that you are creative and want to use that creativity to express yourself through fashion.

A women who´s caring about her appearance is seen as unintelligent

Women who care about their appearance are in fact very smart. Your clothes determine the impression you make on others. The first thing people will notice are your clothes. So they will not judge you about your qualities and knowlegde, they will make their opinion about you based on what you wear.

Isn´t that superficial?

Your career and opportunities are depending on the clothes you pull out your wardrobe. If you dress sloppy, you will not get a job with a lot of responsability, and you can definitely forget a manager or leadership position.

Everyday you will meet new people and you will face new chances. Dressing properly will give you the possibility to change your career, to achieve your goals, to realize your dreams. And that isn´t superficial at all! The fact that you strive for what you want makes you very powerful.

Dressing well is also good for your mood. Wearing unattractive, not fitted, out of shape clothes will let you feel the same about yourself. Dressing powerful make you powerful. The right clothes can give you the power and confidence you need to rock your day, with all its ups and dows.

There is power in clothes.

They can make or break your career.It is not fair, but you can fully control it. Just pay attention to what you wear and when you wear it.

Do you need help?

I am specialised in finding your (em)powered office outfit that´s in line with your personality and the values you (want to) stand for.

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