The perfect work bag

The perfect work bag

A “work bag” is arguably the most important fashion investment ambitious women can make. It carries precious materials such as a notebook full of ideas and thoughts, pens to take notes and sign papers, a laptop with valuable information, a phone with all your contacts and appointments, maybe a book or a makeup bag, and just about anything you need to perform and excel at the office. And, off course, your work bag can make or break your office outfit.

The difficulty to find the perfect work bag

Finding the perfect work bag, it is a difficult mission. Your work bag must be attractive and fashionable, because it is part of your professional attire. It should also keep your work materials organized and it should be strong enough to haul all of your gear.

A work bag is also an investment. So we want durable materials and a timeless look.
When you buy a work bag, you must keep in mind that the perfect work bag is:

  • qualitatively
  • durable
  • fashionable
  • an investment
  • has a shoulder strap
  • can carry all the stuff you need (laptop, phone, papers, notebook, …)

The perfect work bag by Melina C

I found with the Asolo bag from Melina C the perfect work bag. The bag is made from the Saffiano leather, which stands for quality and durability The price is also ideal. It gives you the opportunity to have another bag to vary or to replace it in a shorter term. The design reflects my motto less is more. Moreover It has a very elegant look that match with several different office outfits. The size and structure is just enough to carry all your necessary professional attire and keep it organized.


You can buy the Asolo bag, or any other bag of Melina C, with 10% thanks to the promo code “Ambitious10”



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