Consultancy hour

This consultancy hour is to give me more insight into who you are. We will discuss your overall style and career goals, budget and current closet situation. During this hour you will gain clarity and discover who you are, the image you currently portray, and what adjustments are required. I will give you already tips and tricks you can implement immediately. After the consultation, we can decide what the next steps are.

PRICE: €57 (excl. travel costs)

Work Style Strategy Session

The way you dress can influence your career. During the work style strategy sessions, we will find out how we can make your work style do the work for you. We will develop a signature style and your personal work style formula what will support your career and personal brand. Moreover, it will save you time and money because you will always know what to wear and buy. After the work style strategy session, you will have your professional workwear guide.

PRICE: €200 (excl. travel costs)