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Plan your work wardrobe depending on the person you are

This is how you plan your work wardrobe

How do you plan your work wardrobe? Everybody has his own style and not everything works out for everyone. So that’s why we tried to create 2 main categories and find the perfect plan for each category for how to organize your work wardrobe. Let us dive in. 

What kind of person are you?

I am…

  • Plain and Simple: You lack faith in your fashion know-how and have very few clothes in your wardrobe.  With little confidence to try something new and few options to choose from, getting dressed is more of a necessity than a chance to show off individual style. It’s only working, right?
  • Totally Chaotic: You find yourself running around like a headless chicken and have loads of clothes in your wardrobe. There’s simply too much choice and not enough days in the week to wear everything! Time runs out before you piece the perfect outfit together resulting in mismatched patterns and a late arrival into the office.

Therefore, to make your mornings less stressful, you have two options:

A. Work wardrobe plan for the plain and simple one.

You should wear (kind of) the same outfit every day. People like Steve Jobs, Mark. Zuckerberg and Barack Obama are doing it. They wear the same outfit every single day to keep space in their minds for more important decisions. Of course, for most women, wearing every single workday the same outfit is not an option. What can you do instead? There are women who wear only black or have the same comfortable pants in multiple colors. Keep your wardrobe as simple as possible, invest in some qualitative tailored pieces and take them in neutral colors so you can combine them together. 

B. Work wardrobe plan for the chaotic one 

If you are a chaotic person, planning is the key. People are planning everything, so why not your work outfits? Take a moment in the weekend to take your work schedule for the next week and plan your work outfits according to them. Hang all your outfits on a separate clothing rack.  It gonna give you so much more time every morning and you will have less stress.


What kind of person are you?

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