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Plan in 4 steps your work outfits for the workweek

We plan everything. Our workweek, the food we gonna eat, when we go for a sport session when we meet our friends, … So why don’t you plan your work outfits for the workweek? Here are 4 steps to plan your work outfits for the workweek in no time. 

1. Practicality

Think about what your week involves per day. So take your schedule of the workweek with you when you plan your work outfit. This will help you to choose clothes on a practical level. For example, important meetings, days you sit the whole day behind your desk, days your run from here to there, … When you have an important meeting you want to have your outfit on point and look professional. When you will sit for the whole day, you want to wear something comfortable and not a pencil skirt or a tight dress. A lot of running requires comfortable shoes like loafers instead of high heels. 

2. Stick To a Routine

Go through each day in exactly the same way and pull out the clothes suited to your schedule, laying them on your bed. Start with the main items like pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, suits, and blazers. Afterward, you can match your accessories like bags, jewels, and shoes. 

3. Try your outfit on 

Try on each outfit to make sure it works and that you like it. If you skip this step now, you run the risk of finding out it looks awful two seconds before you need to leave the house, you need to change again and are running late for work. 

4. Put them on a separate rack

Buy yourself a small clothing rack and hang on all the outfits for the workwear, including your underwear and accessories. Finally, take a picture of each outfit on your phone as a  reminder of what you’re going to wear exactly that day. 


Are you gonna plan your work outfits next week?

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