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Office wear, why it is important

Why office wear is important

Men vs women

Why is office wear important? Well, the business world is still overruled by men. So time for a change. It is time we, woman, take over the business world.  Who run the (business) world? Right!
Believe it or not, clothes are a very important factor in this change. It does not mean you must dress like a men, what happened a lot in the past. But it also does not mean you must dress conform the stereotypes.

Clothes are communication

Clothes are an important communication method, especially in a professional environnement. Did you know a person´s impression of an individual is formed in a couple of seconds? So how you style yourself is an opportunity to communicate to someone even before you speak.

Lets place this in a professional context.

You as a woman want to be taken serious. You want to break with the stereotypes. No more gender inequality. On the one hand you want that people appreciates you for your qualities and knowledge, not for your body. Otherwise you can be proud of your female body and deserve to show it off without being criticised. Dressing well for work will help.

The power of dressing well

When you are dressed well, people see you are determined, motivated, that you know what you want. The result? They will take you automatically more seriously. So lets go for a change and invest in your office wardrobe.


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