Office Styling

Office Styling

Clothes are an important communication method, especially in a professional environnement. A person´s impression of an individual is formed in a couple of seconds. So how you style yourself is an opportunity to communicate to someone even before you speak.

I can help you to create a strong professional business look that suits your ambition and personality.

What can I do for you?

Wardrobe check

It is perfectly possible that your current wardrobe has the perfect items for different office outfits.
Lets check your wardrobe to see what you already have and can use for making the perfect office outfits. After the check we will make some outfits you can already wear and we will make a list with clothing items to expand your office wardrobe.

Office outfit

Do you want a complete office outfit that suits you perfectly and give your ambitions and carrier a boost?
Do you want to look professional but still to be dressed conform the current fashion trends and your personality?
Let me help you shop your perfect business outfit that helps you to reach your ambitious goals.

Job interview styling

Do you have a job interview and really want to make a good first impression? Let me help you with your job interview outfit. Your outfit can tell a lot about yourself or how you want to be seen. A good outfit can give you also the confidence you need for rocking that interview. Their are also different “rules” for the perfect job interview outfit. Let me help you to get the job of your dreams!

Business essentials

Are you looking for some business essentials to expand your office wardrobe? Did you still not find the perfect suit or perfect dress for your capsule office wardrobe? Let me help you to find the core of your business wardrobe.

Office styling advice

Do you just want to know which office style will suit you?

When you choose for office styling advice I will make you a moodboard and give recommendations about the perfect office style and current office clothing items for you! You will also receive a shopping list with my top 5 business items for you!

Are you ready to be office proof?

Lets be office proof!

Fill in the intake form and once I’ve received your information, I will contact you to set up times and dates for our consultations.
I look forward to meeting you soon!