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How to style office wear and glasses

How to style office wear and glasses?

Glasses can give your office outfit the extra it needs. It can give you a professional, smart look. If you do not wear it regularly you can wear glasses as an accessory. Finding the right glasses can be hard. It is often the first thing that people notice and off cours you want coordinating your glasses with your everyday outfit. I got 3 tips to match your glasses with your work attire.

Glasses: – Saul Geyhound Grey by Ace & Tate


Tip 1: Assess The Colour Tones In Your Wardrobe

First of all, take a look at your office wardrobe. Are your clothes bright, bold colours, soft pastels, or darker, muted tones? It’s easier to match your glasses to your outfits if you are aware of the colours that you often wear. Look for glasses that complement the colours you predominantly wear. It doesn’t have to be the usual black frames. Brown, grey and blue are also great neutral colours that can complement your work outfit. Neutral colours are easier to combine, but it does not mean you cannot go for a more colourful frame. If it fits your wardrobe, it is definitely a go.

Glasses: – Nelson Espresso Gradient by Ace & Tate

Tip 2: The occasion is the office!

It is important that you are aware of when and where you will be wearing your glasses. For office wear, rimless glasses, metallic frames and standard black frames are common, and easily go with business suits and blazers. If you want glasses that are also fashionable you can go for oversized and round glasses. Do you work in or have a more creative business, dare to go for more colourful or multi-coloured frames. It will reflects your creative spirit.

Glasses: – Miles Taupe Tortoise by Ace & Tate

Tip 3: other accessories

Think about accessories that you wear often. Gold necklaces, silver rings, more colourful accessories? Glasses are an accessory itself. So your glasses should complement your other accessories. If you often wear gold or silver jewellery, look for glasses that have gold or silver on the frames. If you like more funky colours, go for bold, colourful frames! Even if it is just an accent. This will keep your look consistent.

Glasses – Matt Blush by Ace &Tate

Always keep this in mind when you wear glasses in combination with office wear

  • Glasses can fade your make up, more specific their were the frames touch your nose. So take some powder with you and a beauty blender to fix your make up when you know you take off your glasses sometimes.


  • Thicker frames give you a more trendy look.


  • When you have a simple outfit, you can upgrade your outfit with glasses. In the other way, when you wear already a notable outfit, a lot of accessories, tone down your look with a simple pair of glasses. outfit has


  • There is nothing wrong with matching your glasses with your outfit. It is not because your outfit is black, you cannot wear black frames. A monochromatic outfit is an easy way to look very stylish.

Do you have no idea what kind of glasses match your face and office wardrobe? Try this!

If you have no idea which glasses will suit you, try the home try-on of Ace & Tate. You can order 4 glasses you can try at home, and to the office! You can see what suits you, which frame match your office wardrobe and ask the opinion of your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, etc.


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