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How To Make Getting Dressed Easier Every Single Morning

How To Make Getting Dressed Easier Every Single Morning

We’re constantly told that we can have it all. Successful career, time for family and friends, an exciting social life, traveling, sport,… And it’s true, we’ve never had more choices and opportunities. But, anyone knows, in reality, it is not always that simple. We need to prioritize, plan and make some things as easy as possible, like choosing an outfit every day and getting dressed. But how many women are at least once a week standing before their closet like “What do I need to wear to work?”. 

In a professional context, it is very important how you present yourself. A professional and polished appearance is a must. The solution? A work wardrobe.

Building a work wardrobe will systematizing the way you get dressed and make it you a lot easier in the morning. You will win more time and have less stress. Together with a little bit of planning and a few tricks, getting dressed in the morning will be easy and give you so much more time to put in your actual work. Ready for some tips? Let’s go!

Get dressed easily every morning

1. Plan Ahead

Like everything else, our wardrobe works best when it is planned in advance. Each weekend, make a note of your outfits for the next week and hang them apart on a separate clothing rack. You can then ensure that everything is clean and ironed in advance. You can already try on some different outfit combinations so you don’t have to worry about it the day itself. Every morning in the week, you just need to pick the outfit you planned and you are ready to go. 

Do you come clothes across that you need to bring to the dry cleaning? Collect them and schedule to bring them to it. Make it a routine to bring them and go get them. Make also a note of the clothes that are by the dry cleaner to keep an overview. 

2. Keep your makeup simple

If you have little time in the mornings, keep your makeup as simple as possible. A professional work environment does not ask for over the top and experimental makeup unless you are working in the beauty industry of course. 

Find a process in putting on your make up, so it becomes a routine. Not a pro in doing your make up? Go follow a workshop somewhere to learn the basics and techniques. It will make you faster. Once you have a steady routine, you will see you can do your make up in a few minutes every morning. 

Also, invest in good and qualitative makeup. Working with good stuff will also save you a lot of time. You make up will last longer and you can avoid doing your make up multiple times during the day. 

3. Prepare For The Unexpected

We’ve all been there. You have a meeting in fifteen minutes and manage to spill your morning coffee down your blouse. These things always happen when you least expect them. That’s why it is important to prepare for the unexpected by keeping emergency items at the office or in your car. This should include a spare blouse, a sewing kit, extra tights, a steamer, an extra pair of shoes, etc. Also, remember to keep an umbrella in your handbag. You don’t want to get drenched in your work clothes. 

4. Limit Your Clothing Options

The less choice, the better. Limit your options, so you have fewer decisions to make. Fewer decisions give more space in your head for more important things. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg always wears a black T-shirt, and Barack Obama always the same kind of suit. Also, opt for clothing items that lend themselves to multiple outfit combinations. So you never have to worry if your combination is a go or a no.

Limiting your options will also give you a better overview. How many times did it happen you found an item back in the corner of your closet, or you bought something because you thought you hadn’t but in fact, you have already 3 pieces of it. 

Only wear and keep the clothes you really gonna wear, are appropriate for work and make you feel confident and powerful. 

A tip: save on your phone, a notebook or computer all the items you have, included the combinations you can make with it. 


Make a work wardrobe and plan your work outfit to save time, have less stress and save energy for your most important decisions for your work.

Do you have a work wardrobe?

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