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Fit-A-Bonita, a personal trainer with a clear vision

Fit-A-Bonita, a personal trainer who support women with a clear purpose and vision

The summer is in town! And when summer is around the corner, people are going massive to the fitness. Maybe you already booked your sport session with a personal trainer or asked for a food schedule to make your body summer proof. Katrien Sas, better known as Fit-A-Bonita, is a personal trainer specific for women who want to have a healthy relationship with food and sport. The Ambitious Brune was curious about how she started her career as a personal trainer and of course, she asked Katrien if she had some tips to combine sport and the busy schedule of an entrepreneur. Read Fit-A-Bonita´s story and tips here! 

Katrien Sas, better known as Fit-A-Bonita

From socio-educational care worker to personal trainer Fit-A-Bonita

Actually, I never want to become an entrepreneur. I grow up in a very traditional family. For me, it was not surprising to go to college. I studied Applied Juvenile Criminology and have a master degree in Socio-Educational Care Work. I am educated to attend persons with disabilities, to support children and young people in difficult parenting situations and to assist drug addicts. And I have also done it. I like to coach people, give them the tools to do it by themselves and to support them. It gives me so much energy. The problem in the social sector, there are a lot of obstructed factors and the danger of relapse. That´s why I was looking for another way to do something with my coaching skills. The result? I became a personal trainer!

And that´s why you became a personal trainer?

Of course, my parents thought I was crazy. “You think you can earn money with it?” was their first reaction. The typical question every starting entrepreneur has to deal with, right?


I was looking for another way to do something with my coaching skills. The result? I became a personal trainer!


My purpose was to train women from a positive perspective. When I was 18 years old, I went to Argentina. I came back with some extra kg and I was not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I went to a personal trainer to do something about it. I got a stricly food and training schedule. Of course, my weight was going down, but I was not feeling happy at all! My body was looking good, I had abs, I was in shape, but not happy. My daily life was all about training and food. I knew there were other methods for the same result. I found my business goal!

I want to work with my clients on a healthy relationship with food. Every day and everywhere we hear what others label as healthy and unhealthy. Pie is labeled as unhealthy, so when you eat it, you feel bad. When you eat an apple, you are doing well. In my opinion, that approach is wrong. Of course, you need to take care of your body.

I maintain 3 pillars:

  1. nutritious foods
  2. exercising and staying active during the day
  3. have enough sleep and take a rest here and there.

Moreover, every case is different because every woman is different and needs another approach, even when they want the same result: feeling good and confident with their own body.

I see food and sport as a method to love your body, not to punish it. Sport and eat healthy because you love your body. Losing weight is the effect, not the reason why.

Of course, there are the expectations of society. It´s my job, my purpose to prevent women to compare themselves with other women. Every woman is unique and beautiful. No more daily (inner) fights with food, binge eating, regrets, … The purpose of Fit-A-Bonita is to learn women to enjoy sport, food and their own body.

2 golden tips of Fit-A-Bonita to combine business and sporting

  1. Planning and make sport a priority
    The first thing we remove from our day planner when we have it too busy is exercising. The problem is we forget how good and relax we feel after a sport session. So my number one tip: plan your sport moments and block them in your calendar. Does a friend invite you for dinner? Ask her to sport with your and/or meet 1 hour later. Your sport session is your priority!
  2. Don´t expect too much of yourself 
    “I will start Monday” sounds familiar? Every Monday we will go for that run, start eating healthy, try a detox plan, … and of course altogether. That´s too much to change. Take baby steps and try to implement little things. If that works, you can implement something new. Take your bike instead of the car, the stairs instead of the elevator, start your day with a 20 minute HIIT workout, etc.


Fit-A-Bonita´s advice for starting entrepreneurs

Do what you are good at and love to do! I love to coach women and see them growing, enjoying and making steps forward. The more I was convinced this was my purpose, the more my clients were convinced to take me as their personal trainer. So my ultimate advice: dare to ask yourself “who is my dream customer, who is my audience?”


Want to see more of Fit-A-Bonita? Follow her journey on Instagram @fitabonita_
Also check her website www.fitabonita.be to book a consult, training sessions or buy her amazing mini bands in the store!

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