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Interview with Lauren Coppens of Femmenation

Interview with Femmenation

Lauren Coppens is a student, animal lover and 100% feminist. Feminism and her passion for fashion are the basis to found Femmenation. Why Lauren wants to be an entrepreneur, founded Femmenation and what she wants to accomplish , you can read it in this exclusive interview!

Have you always want to be an entrepreneur or has the passion for entrepreneur grown by years?

I always wanted to start something that’s completely mine. When I was younger I had a second passion besides fashion: photography. After high school I started my photography studies. I wanted to become a professional freelance photographer. But that turned out different than expected. The more I worked to be a better photographer, the more unhappy I became. At a certain moment I decided to quit. I felt I needed to go a completely different direction to feel happy again. The only problem was that I didn’t knew back then which direction I needed to go. And to be honest, that was pretty scary. My passion for fashion was always there, it just took me some time to discover it again. For me it was the most logical step to start my own business based on my passion, and this was one of the best decisions of my life so far.

What do you like the most on building your own business?

What I love the most is meeting all those new very inspiring people. This is something that gives me so much energy to keep doing what I love. Most of my ideas popped into my head by just simply talking to other (sometimes random) people.

You gonna launch a website with ladyboss suits. Why?

For me, a suit is a statement piece that every woman should have in her closet. I think that there is still so much to discover in this part of the female fashion industry. Every man has a suit in his closet, and if a man want’s to buy a new one it is very easy because you can find multiple boutiques that focus completely on suits for men. If you’re a woman and want to buy a trendy suit, it’s a whole other story. Most of the time the suits for women are a little bit hidden between all the other pieces of the collection and sometimes it takes hours of searching to find one you like. With Femmenation I want to make the search for women to find a suit a little bit easier!

On Instagram you posted “and all this under a feminist motto”. What means feminism for you?

feminism is striving for equality. Equality for men and women on all levels. The message is very simple and clear, but this is anything but simple to achieve in reality. Because we already achieved a lot in terms of equal rights for both genders, many people think feminist movements became unnecessary. With Femmenation I want to put feminism back in the spotlights in a positive way.

What is the best advice you ever got to start your own business?

Talk about your idea! Very simple, but for some people very hard to do (including myself). If you’re a bit more perfectionist it is sometimes very scary to talk about an idea that you haven’t completely figured out yet. But when you don’t talk about it with other people you lose a lot of creative input! This simple tip to just talk about al my ideas has helped me so much! It has shaped Femmenation into what it is today.

What is your ultimate advice for other starting entrepreneurs?

Don’t try to do everything at the same time. In the beginning I had so much ideas for Femmenation that the core business became so wide that I couldn’t summarize Femmenation in one sentence anymore, and that is of course not a good sign. I know all your ideas are very good and a lot of fun, but ultimately you have to make choices. Your business need to stay simple and clear for your customers, but also for yourself!


Check out www.femmenation.be and follow @femmenation to stay up to date of the journey of Lauren!

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