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Dress better, work better?

Dress better, work better?

Can dressing for success lead to success?  Recent studies suggest dressing up for work in a suit or blazer will improve employees overall productivity. So, read further and suit up!


The positive effects of suiting up

We already know that wearing nice clothes to the office affect how you’re feeling and boosts your confidence.But dressing well also positively affects how people perceive you. What you wear sends a message to people around you. When suiting up, you will feel more powerful which in return leads to higher chances of success. When you feel good, you do good.

The problem of casual dressing

The problem is that wearing casual office wear is becoming a trend and a growing standard in the workplace. More and more companies handle a, written or unwritten, casual attire dress code that allow employees to wear jeans, casual shirts, sweaters, etc.

The problem is, how you dress determines how you act. When you wear casual clothes, it will lead to casual behavior, which leads to more tolerance for things like sloppy work and missed deadlines. Studies show that wearing casual attire cause an employee to feel less focused and alert. The work ethics of the employees may weaken as the dress codes becomes easygoing.

Business wear has a specific purpose: to conduct business. Dressing up for work, for example in a suit, can do a lot for an employee´s productivity.

In addition to productivity, wearing formal clothes also boosts the confidence level which can affect other people´s perception and engages executive leaders interest in you.

No casual wear at all?

You can take an artistic approach to dressing in work mode, even if you are wearing jeans. For example, combine a jeans with a blouse, a tailred blazer and some elegant heels and you have an office proof outfit. You can also opt for black jeans instead for blue jeans to have a more appropriate outfit for work.

Also the companies play a big role in the casual wear to work – story. Mostly the dress codes are unwritten, so of course employers will struggle with choosing the right office outfit. Try, as a company, inform your employees as much as you can. Tell them about the attitudes and goals of the company. Give them insights in the branding of the company and how they can dress in line with the branding and image of the company.

Do you need help?

Do you struggle with your daily office outfit? Or are you a company and do you want that your employees dress more in line with the values of the company?

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