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Do you dare to dream?

Do you dare to dream?

16 March in Ghent, Lore Janssens of OhYaz Clothing and I met Sabine Clappaert, founder of Dare to Dream. Dare to dream, a non-profit organisation, was founded in 2013. Hearing the story of Sabine and Dare to dream was really breathtaking, and an eye-opener!

Dear to dream: leadership institute for girls

Dear to dream organise inspirational events at high schools in disadvantaged communities at which local inspiring women share their stories with girls ages 14-18 to show them that “if you can dream it, you can do it”. They call it TED talks for girls. They make sure every girl has a rolemodel with a similar background and a rich story to inspire them.

Dare to Dream Leadership Institute for Girls believes in a world where every girl can achieve anything she sets her mind to. Beside they also host workshops in which girls explore their talents and passions, learn to lead, be assertive and negotiate constructively. Between 2014 and 2018 they already reached over 2000 girls!

About Sabine Clappaert

Sabine, a Belgian woman with an African soul, is the founder of Dare to Dream. Her motto? If you get, give. If you learn, teach. That´s why she started her project Dare to Dream. Sabine lived in South-Africa during the Apartheid. She got a lot of opportunities and chances, felt priviliged and that´s why she wants to do something back. Dare to Dream was born.

Her best advice to woman? Follow your gut feeling. The times Sabine has been happiest and most succesfull were the moments she followed her gut feeling. Her reasoning? Your intuition is very closely linked to our purpose in life. Your intuition reflects our personal values. The combined use of your personal purpose and values are your most accurate compass in life. Even when people, or everybody, tells you differently, always trust your intuition and you will build a happy live and will be happy.

If we want to encourage girls to ‘dare to dream big’, Sabine believes we must do so ourselves. Sabine and co-founder Petunia have put the goal for themselves that they will reach 20,000 girls across Africa by 2023. There’s no way that they are ever letting go of that dream. On the contrary, they are doing everything to get others involved so they can make Dare to Dream bigger and reach even more girls and women!

What with us?

We live in much better circumstances, but what with our dreams? Do we live the life we want? Do we always follow our dreams?

We mostly life conform the expectations of other peope and society. Lore describes it as box checkers

We are taught to be ‘box checkers’. Be a kind and nice girl, get good grades, score the degree, get the job, meet the guy, buy the house, have him put a ring on it, pop out some babies”

If we do not follow this path, we are not “succesful”. That´s what society let us think.

Is this path wrong? No!

But is it wrong not to follow this path or do it differently? Definitely not!

We must follow our own gut, find our own rolemodels and, the most important thing, make up our own definition of a succes life!

We must not live conform the principles of what society thinks is successful. We are humans, we have brains and we can decide on our own unique path. Do you want to be a business woman? Fine. Do you want to be a house wife and stay by your kids because it makes you extremely happy? Perfect! You want to be an artist even when people say there is no futher in it? Go for it!

Your life, your decisions, your happiness.

Women empowerment

Lore and I decided to support Dear to dreams. Our plans? A mentor program, a huge event and so much more!

Why? Together we can do so much more. We all have our own strenghts and capacities. Lets bundle the powers and make the world a better place for EVERYBODY!

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