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These are the business essentials you need

It is always a perfect moment to purchase some good basic business essentials to enlarge your office wardrobe. These basic pieces are just a must-have for every ambitious woman who wants to be office proof every day. These pieces simply just go with everything, make endless combinations possible and give you definitely some more time in the morning when picking an outift.

A suit

A good suit has his price. But more and more brands try to implement an affordable suit in their collection. My tip is to buy your suit during sales. Than you can buy suits for a lower price. Especially suits with a specific print or fabric. Of course you can also invest in a really good suit. You will pay a price but you will enjoy it for years. In that case I recommand a suit in a neutral color.


A blazer is so important in an office wardrobe. This piece of clothing can upgrade mostly every outfit to a professional looking one. So you can never have too many blazers. Do you already have a blue and black blazer ? Then why not dare to try another color ? Pastel colors are for example always a good idea in the summer. Also a bazer with a subtle print can give your office outfit more power.

Tailored pants

Just like blazers you can never have enough tailored pants. Of course you will already have your tailored pants by your suits, but also invest in some other tailored pants. My favorites are high waisted flared pants. In combination with a blouse and high heels you have a very powerful office outfit.

A coat

A coat is, like a suit, an investment. During the sales you can mostly shop coats at a lower price. Mostly, you can buy a winter coat during the winter sale and a summer coat during summer sale. Choose a classic model you can enjoy for several years. I really like the long camel coats. They finish your outfit, look very stylish and classy and never go out of style.


A blouse always looks chique and fancy, especially in combination with a blazer. Even when you combine it with a nice skirt, leather pants or even a jeans (I prefer black jeans) you will still look professional. A nice quality blouse does have his price, but you can find also a lot of blouses in stores like H&M, Zara, Mango, etc.

A dress

An office proof dress is hard to find. A dress that is appropriate to wear to work needs to pass a lot of requirements. No decolleté, sleeves, just above or under the knee, not too tight, a comfortable fit, etc. Try to look for a timeless piece that never goed out of style, like the little black dress.

A pencil skirt

This is a skirt that accentuates your waist and gives you a very feminine body. Opting for a exemplar that reaches about your knee is the way to go for a stylish and professional look. You do not have to pick the “boring” black pencil skirt. Dare to try something new. Other options such as a leather one for example can add a more personal touch to your outfit. You can try definitely new fabrics and colors, just keep the rest of your outfit more clean and basic.


What is your favorite business essential?

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