5 tips to make the most of a business trip

With these 5 tips you make the most of a business trip

Business trips don’t have to be business all the time. Okay, business trips can give you a lot of stress and pressure, but if you follow these 5 tips, you are able to make the most of it!

1/ Be prepared

Make a list of what you need to pack, make sure to get all your documents in order (f.e. make sure your passport is not about to expire, and apply for any visa well in advance wherever possible).

2/ Explore the places you are visiting

You would be missing a big opportunity if all you did was go from meeting to meeting and back to the hotel without exploring the place that you are visiting. Pick out some hotspots you definitely want to see. Even when you have a packed schedule you can get up early and explore the hotspots before the working day starts. Extra tip: walk from place to place instead of taking a taxi if you can. You will discover more than you think.

3/ Timetable meeting carefully

If you can, arrange meetings so there are suitable gaps between them. This will give you the chance to do some of the exploring or give you a little bit of me-time.

4/ Be sociable

Try not to just let things end when the meeting does. Don’t hide yourself in your hotel room working on your laptop the whole night. Invite people out for drinks or meals. You will discover places that only local people know.

5/ Take along a partner

There’s generally quite a premium for single rooms in hotels so a double won’t cost very much more. So, if you are prepared to pay the difference, it’s a good idea to take a travel partner along. While you are in meetings your travel partner can be enjoying their own mini-break and then you will have company in the evening. It may even make socializing with business contacts more fun as they will be able to bring along their partners too.


Are you ready to make to most of a business trip?

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