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4 steps to look effortlessly chic when you are crazy busy

Look effortlessly chic in 4 steps when you are crazy busy

If you’re anything like me, your days involve a lot of running around. Being busy mostly goes together with a lack of attention to your personal appearance. Luckily I’ve found a way to go from the “just out of bed” look or “I am so tired” look to fabulous with a short supply of time.
Here are 4 steps to look chic while you are busy.

Step 1: stock up on chic separates

Getting dressed quickly is important if you haven´t that much time in the morning. And if we are honest, we always have a lack of time in the morning. I’ve found that stocking my closet with fashionable, simple separates is a life saver. Go for a selection of versatile pieces that pair together easily and makes you able to create stylish ensembles. Examples of wardrobe essentials are a classic blouse, tailored trousers, blazers, etc. When you find a piece that fits you really well, do not be afraid to get two or three in multiple colors.

Step 2: Opt for neutral colors

A very easy way for always looking chic, is sticking to simple, neutral color palettes that allow for endless outfit combinations and minimize the possibility of outfit remorse (aka when you get to work, look at your outfit in the bathroom mirror and say, what was I thinking?).

Be sure to have a lot of neutral colors in your wardrobe for convenient combinations. Think white, gray, brown, black, and beige, so that you can easily put together looks without worrying about coordination. Neutral colors and solid separates create no-fuss looks that are inherently elegant.

Step 3: Create balans

Now that you’ve got chic separates in neutral colors, you’re ready to create your look.

If you choose a pair of tight bottoms, opt for a flowy top to create balance. In contrast, if you slip on wide leg trouser pants, go for a more form-fitting top or create a distinguished waistline by belting the look. It’s all about balance.

Step 4: Add simple accessories

Now that you’re dressed, it’s time to add a quick finishing touch. Maintain simplicity with an effortlessly pretty pendant necklace or your favorite watch and a few bangles. Stud earrings go with everything and always exude class and elegance. Display your most versatile pieces of jewelry on your dresser or someplace where they are easily accessible. That way, you can add them to your ensembles on those lightning bolt mornings, and head out the door.


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