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3 tips to stay work proof on hot summer days

Stay work proof on hot summer days

Getting dressed during the hottest days of the year is hard enough, especially when you also have to worry about looking presentable in the office. Needless to say, getting dressed for work during the summer is not the easiest thing to do. That’s why I have 3 tips for you when the temperature starts to rise but still want to look work proof. 

3 tips to keep the balance between work-and weather-appropriate.

1/ Choose light fabrics

When it is hot outside, very thick fabrics would not make you happy. Go for light fabrics like linen, cotton or silk. A double win, because these fabrics are also more sustainable. Another tip, try to avoid clothing items that have a tight fit. Go for a A-line dress, pleated skirt or flowy blouse.

Blouse: Mint&Berry // Pants: Mango

2/ Keep it covered

When it comes to fashion, summer is the “less is more” season. The problem? The less is more look may not fly with HR or the dress code of your company. You need to find the right balance between work-and weather-appropriate. 

Try to wear tops with still a little sleeve or at least wide shoulders straps. 

Moreover, summer is perfect for wearing skirts and dresses. Keep in mind that the ideal length for a work skirt and dress is just above or below the knee. That length is appropriate for work and still very feminine. Of course, summer is also the season for pleated skirts and midi and maxi dresses. 

Dress: Thelma & Louise

3/ Color it up

Hello bright colors and bold prints!

But, is it still appropriate in your work environment?

If it is not, or you feel not comfortable with it, go for pastel colors instead of bright colors. 

Another tip: keep your outfit balances. When you wear a top in a bright color or marked print, go for a basic bottom in a more neutral color. When your bottom catches the eye, keep your top simple and basic. 

Pants & T-Shirt : Thelma & Louise

What do you wear to work on hot summer days?

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