3 tips to stay classy on the beach

It is summer! Time for a well-deserved break. The temperatures are rising, so the ideal moment to come behind your desk and go to the beach. Summer and high temperatures mean less clothes. Of course, when you go to work, you still keep it appropriate and enough covered. But laying in the sand with a suit, is not an option at all (or is it?). Maybe you are not feeling very comfortable with wearing not that many clothes. What if you cross by an important client, a co-worker or even your boss? To make the contrast between your daily work wear and beach outfit not too big, I have 3 tips for you to stay classy on the beach.

1/ Beach wear in neutral colors

It is the same as work wear, less is more. It is not because the sun is shining and you are out of the office, you immediately need to wear neon colors and go for crazy patterns. You want to keep your bikini or bathing suit classy? Opt for neutral colors. A black cut-out bathing suit, a burgundy bikini with a high waist bikini bottom, etc. If you want a bikini in a bright color, go for a more simple design. If you opt for a neutral color, you can wear a bikini with some extra details. 

2/ Cover up swimwear

No, you don’t need to hide your swimwear. But if you are not feeling comfortable in running around swim bear or want to make it more classy when you are not sunning and go for a walk or drink, you can combine your bikini or bathing suit with a nice cover up like a pareo or kimono, for example in a black one with lace

3/ It’s all in the details

Combine your swimwear and cover up with a nice hat, some shiny bracelets and big sunglasses. Before you put on your sandals, make sure your feet got a well deserved pedicure. Put some nailpolish on your finger and toenails. Buy a nice beach bag to carry all your business related books you finally gonna read. Give your body a scrub, use some tanning spray to have already a little glow and don’t forget your sun cream!


With these 3 tips, you will be the goddess of the beach. I hope you will have a great summer!
Share your summer plans in the comments! 


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