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3 tips to avoid classic business wear mistakes

How to avoid classic business wear mistakes

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to wear to different corporate businesses, and what not to wear. There are some guidelines that will help you with what’s appropriate and what you should leave for the weekend.

Here are 3 tips to help you to avoid classic business wear mistakes

1/ Remember who you work with

More often than not, we forget to consider who we work with. You have to remember to dress for the company you’re working for.

Questions you can ask yourself: is it casual or business corporate? Who are my bosses and colleagues?

What works in one office, may not work in another work place. it’s important to modify your clothing to fit the company culture.

To help you a little bit, If you’re working in a corporate environment, make sure to wear a business suit. Depending on the corporate culture you can go for a pant suit or skirt suit. If you are not working in a corporate environment, a blouse with a good pair of tailored pants are mostly enough.

2/ Stand out

It is possible to make your style unique while still sticking to the corporate culture guidelines!

When it’s time to buy new business wear, do not go to the same store as your colleagues, business patners, … This is boring both for yourself and for your environment, as the clothes is the same as everyone else.

Add to your business essentials your personal touch, so it fits your unique taste. to all of your clothing garments (whether it be business or casual) you avoid looking like the rest of the crowd, you’ll be noticed, and you can create your personal touch while still meeting the desired guidelines.

3/ Pay attention to the fit

Regardless of the environment you work in, and the style of your clothes, your clothes must fit well.

They should not be too loose, too tight, too long, too short and/or too anything.

The problem is that a lot of woman fall outside the parameters of the clothing manufacturers. To say it with other words, the fashion industry doesn´t takeevery body type into account yet, and they should!

A great tip is to go to a tailor with your clothes. Especially when you can score some business essentials in sales that don´t fit perfectly. After the tailor you will have cheaper well fitted business essentials with a unique touch.

Some extra tips

  • pay attention to colors
    dark and neutral colors work best for traditional businesses, while lighter and brighter colors work better for people-oriented businesses.
  • Less is always more, especially in business wear
  • Pay attention to accessories
    Accessories can make or break your business outfit. The number one rule, accessories should never distract. They should be in the same mood as your clothing, polish the outfit, and be of good quality. So invest in a few qualitive pieces like a watch, stud earrings or a nice bracelet.
  • Do not forget the shoes
    A nice business proof outfit with dirty, abraded shoes is a no go. Pay enough attention to your shoes. There are more people who look at them then you would think. Go for pumps with a heel around 3-5 cm and play with colors and patterns to give your neutral clothes some extra.

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