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What to wear to work? 3 approaches to follow

I don’t know what to wear to work

It can be mentally exhausting to have to figure out what to wear to work every single day.  Every woman has at least these things in their mind in the morning when they are standing before their closet: What should I wear? What clothes are clean? When was the last time I wore that and will anyone know I wore the same pants yesterday? 

Running out of ideas of what to wear to work? We have 3 approaches for you to maintain when you have no inspiration at all. 

1. Dress according to what the colors mean.

Dress according to color and how you feel for that day. For instance, black and white outfits mean you are somebody important or you’re in a serious business. CEOs and people in high positions wear these colors almost all the time. Wear red when you want to feel confident and bold at work. When you have a meeting with a new potential client, go for a blue outfit to radiate trust.

2. Dress according to the weather condition.

Of course, you want to be fashionable, regardless of the weather.  When you’re running out of ideas, an approach you can try is looking out the window and check the weather. This may seem really obvious but if you use it consistently, it will help you decrease the number of choices of what to wear and you’ll actually be ready faster with fewer choices.

3. Dress according to the impression you want to make.

What you wear affects how you feel and the impression you want to make at work. How do you want to feel the entire day at work? Do you want to be an inspiration to someone else? What does inspiration look like to you? Do you want to be heard? Put that into what you wear, find your power outfit, and you are ready to work. 

Which approach will you try when deciding what to wear for work?


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